Upcoming Events

Wendy Myers has many exciting plans in the works! Here is a schedule of her upcoming year. For a complete list of past events, see Wendy Myers’ Media Kit.

Online Summits

  • February 6th – February 22nd, Better Body Summit with Jill Kane, “Maximize Your Health and Get Lean with the Modern Paleo Diet”
  • Feb 25, 2017, The Heart Revolution, “The toxic metals that cause heart disease and high blood pressure”, hosted by Razi Berry. 
  • March 22, Nature Cure Summit, hosted by Glow Natural Medicine
  • April 3-9 2017, The Women’s Vitality Summit hosted by Dr. Keesha Ewers
  • April 10-17th, Sweet Freedom Summit hosted by Sherry Strong
  • April 20- May 20, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Body Summit, hosted by Lucia Ferraro
  • June 5-12, Moving Into Menopause Summit
  • July 10-17, Migraine Summit
  • July 20-26th, 2017, My Healthy Child Summit hosted by Helen Saul Case and Michael Beattie
  • September 11-18, 2017 – Functional Oral Health Summit 
  • March 2-10 The Thyroid Secret (movie)
  • (Dates Coming Soon!) “Do Less, Accomplish More” webinar by  zivaMIND 2016


Wendy is available to speak at your event! For media inquiries, please contact her publicist Stacey Barker at stacey@jadeumbrella.com or 323-833-8358.

Download Wendy Myers’ Media Kit