Detox from Dangerous Bt-toxin Found in GMO Food

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are everywhere. Even when we make our best effort to eat organically, a GMO will slip through here and there — we eat out, cheat with a few conventional corn chips, eat nonorganic soy, or eat processed food with high fructose corn syrup. The body can handle a mishap every once in a while, but shocking information about the dangerous Bt-toxin found in genetically engineered crops like corn and soy has scientists (and consumers) worried. This toxin has the potential to turn our intestinal system into a literal ‘pesticide factory’ — even after we stop consuming GM foods. Fortunately, simple and natural remedies provide a powerful solution to this alarming component of our food supply.

A Dangerous Bacteria

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) is naturally found in the soil and has been used as an insecticide in organic farming for years. Farmers spray their crops with the bacteria, insects eat it and their stomachs subsequently break open. Monsanto decided it would be profitable to splice a gene of Bt with corn, soybeans and cotton — creating plants that were rife with the bacteria not just on the surface but within the cell wall. Monsanto and the Environmental Protection Agency claimed the toxin would be destroyed within the digestive tract of mammals and magically disappear. Guess what? The physicians at Sherbrooke University Hospital in Quebec, Canada discovered Bt-toxin in 93 percent of 30 pregnant women, 80 percent of umbilical cord blood of their babies and 67 percent of 39 women who were not pregnant. Considering Bt-toxin is linked with cancer, autism, severe food allergies and autoimmune disease, these findings are downright frightening.

Even when Bt is sprayed, adverse reactions will occur. Five hundred people in Washington state and Vancouver reported flu-like and allergic symptoms when exposed to the spray. Thousands of farm workers in India had similar symptoms after handling genetically modified Bt cotton. And a small village lost an entire herd of buffalo along with many of their sheep and goats that consumed Bt cotton and died soon after. Reports of this kind pour in by the hundreds in the news media.

Living Pesticide Factories

The researchers of the Quebec study speculate that the source of Bt-toxin found in the blood samples came from the standard middle class diet, including animals that are fed Bt corn. Jeffrey M. Smith, executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology, suspects the rise in Bt levels is due to another reason: colonies of the bacteria are replicating within the intestines, long after the GM food was ingested. If this hypothesis is correct, according to Smith, “…we might see an increase in gastrointestinal problems, autoimmune diseases, food allergies, and childhood learning disorders. Since 1996 when Bt crops came on the market, physicians have told me that they indeed are seeing such an increase.” The question is — how do we protect ourselves from Bt-toxin and rid ourselves of it once exposed?

Rid your Body of Bt-toxin

  • Adopt a 100 percent GMO-free, organic diet.
  • Drink 3 liters/quarts of spring water or use reliable water purification like reverse osmosis that remove contaminants like pesticides.
  • Try ‘herbal antibiotics’ like olive leaf extract, oil of oregano, cat’s claw, garlic and silver (I recommend Argentyn 23 — safe subnanometer sized particles) to kill harmful pathogens.
  • Consume probiotic-rich foods such as non-pasteurized kimchi and sauerkraut, yogurt and kefir to increase good bacteria in the gut. For more information on probiotics, read my article Probiotics–The Foundation of Health.
  • Ingest plenty of fiber to push dangerous organisms out of the system.
  • Avoid sugar, refined grains, and processed food as both are fuel for harmful bacteria in the gut.
  • Use infrared saunas every day if possible. See my article on Infrared Saunas.
  • Do coffee enemas. See my article on Coffee Enemas.

Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

Avoiding genetically modified foods should be at the top of everyone’s list—at least if you want a decent shot at optimal health. The simplest way to avoid genetically modified foods is to buy whole, certified organic foods. By definition, foods that are certified organic must be produced without artificial pesticides or fertilizers. There are currently eight genetically modified food crops on the market:

Soy (Bt) Sugar from sugar beets
Corn (Bt) Hawaiian papaya
Cottonseed (used in vegetable cooking oils) Some varieties of zucchini
Canola (canola oil) Crookneck squash

GMO’s have been shown, beyond a doubt, to destroy health in humans and animals alike. Countries all over the world, including Europe, Russia, etc, have limited imports or outright banned genetically modified corn based on the findings of a two-year French study of the effects of GM corn on rats. This is the only long-term study of GM food’s effects on health to date. The results were shocking — rats developed large breast tumors, prostate tumors, died early, and suffered kidney damage. Read more about this study. Boycott genetically modified food, detoxify, and spread the word about the dangers before it is too late.

If you’ve had a bad experience with GMO’s, I want to hear about it. Tell me your story by leaving a comment below. I want to know!

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Wendy Myers, FDN, CHHC, is a functional diagnostic nutritionist, certified holistic health coach and founder of Live to 110. Her passions include getting you healthy, Modern Paleo, retoxing and detoxing. Discover her Mineral Power Program and enjoy freedom from fatigue and brain fog with metal detox.

  • Tracy Coe

    good and timely blog Wendy!

  • Laureen

    Hi, I have had numerous gut issues, mostly IBS and fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue. I have always believed that GMO’s were responsible for my issues, especially my intestinal complaints. I have felt toxic, and my husband commented that my morning breath smelled like chemicals. I went to a naturopathic doctor and she tested me for food allergies and I have had numerous reactions to food, she diagnosed me with leaky gut. Well this has been quite the journey to embark on. I have recently gone wheat free and totally organic which has helped. I also started drinking alkanized/ionized water which has had amazing results. Within a week my gut discomfort went away completely. I just bought a Kangen water machine for at home use because of how well this has helped me. I am disgusted by how much greed and large corporations can take away the health of a nation. Thank you for your post, hopefully more people will learn about what is actually in our food supply.

    • Yes, many people don’t realize that their health issues are simply being caused by the toxic food they eat. This is exactly what I address in my upcoming book The Modern Paleo Survival Guide. It’s all about how to address and avoid toxic foods today that predominate the food supply.

  • Zyzz

    Fuark those GMO. How could you be in good health if you ea them ? Thanks australia is far away. You mirin ? Come at me bro

  • Nostents4me

    We live in Europe and thought we were safe from GMO apart from from small test-grounds here and there that could spread them. Then I found out that GMO is permitted in most animal feed in Europe !
    Then that all beef meat found in ordinary stores are fed grain for the last 6 months and that they often (how often?) are fed also GMO grain, and that pgs given too much(?) of it develop autism-like problem and birth defects. The grain feeding makes the animals reach same weight in 6 months than in 12 months only on grass. Financially squeezed farmers have no option unless they are very smart. The Bt toxin breaks down the animals intestines, at least so that the intestines are unusable for sausage skins as they rupture too easily! Same effect the Bt toxins have on insects: kill through intesine rupture. (Awful deaths). So after a few months feeding the inestines in GMO fed beef may have been degraded by the Bt toxin so that the toxin then is likely to pass into the blood, then into the meat of the animals we later eat.. Since the animals usually are slaughterd within 6 months we do not know what other diseases were/are developing in them. ( Monsanto own tests for approval lasted 4 months. )
    This ‘meat connectio’n is most likely the reason that Bt toxin can be measured “everywhere” today, particularly in Europe where GMO “direct” in human food is not allowed. We need a huge class action law suit against Monsanto to stop these practices quickly! But maybe the first step should be to check the laws banning GMO in our food to see that GMO animal feed can be quickly banned! My 5 cent.

    • I sincerely hope this happens one day. A class-action law suit against Monsanto. They are incredibly powerful and have been planning taking control of the food supply for decades. My only hope is that they are stopped when the sleeping masses finally wake up.

  • Casey Miller

    Um. There are no hypodermic needles used in biotech. Just saying… It makes you look a little,, how you say,,, ignorant of the science.

    • This was an interesting image designed by the graphic designer. It has nothing to do with the content of validity of the article.

  • Casey Miller

    Also, Organic uses Bt. They spray their fields ten times a year with it.

    • This is FAR different from taking a toxin and splicing it with another gene, which produces a toxin never before seen in nature. You can’t possible think this is a good idea.

  • Dulcie wright

    Hey I’m struggling my health and I think is from eating this bad food