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I love the taste of scallops smothered in gluten free soy sauce and ginger sautéed with veggies in a stir fry. You can’t get healthier than that! I skip the rice to make it truly Paleo.  Read More

Growing up eating store-bought coleslaw, I was convinced the soggy glop was better off in my dog’s food dish. But in a pinch at my own BBQ, I attempted to make some, you know, for other people who liked the Read More

This pan seared halibut with lemon dill butter sauce combines classic flavors making it a guaranteed palate pleaser. I wanted to share the french Buerre Blanc lemon dill sauce recipe with you because it really is very simple to make! Read More

Going Paleo has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It has helped me achieve a “better” version of myself. I love Indian food and created the Indian inspired Paleo Recipes! Read More

Just like with our chicken bone broth recipe, beef bone broth is something you should incorporate into your regular diet. And if you didn’t know, the main differences between bone broth and regular stock are the ingredients and simmer times. Read More

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are upon us! Family, friends, and food (look out for the Instagram pics) – I could not be more excited. That is, until I think about the fatigue, carbohydrate overdose, Read More

Fresh almond milk is one of the easiest foods to make at home! There’s very little reason to buy store-bought almond milk. Most  contain harmful additives like synthetic vitamins, sweeteners, inflammatory vegetable oils, homogenizing agents, etc. Fresh almond milk takes 5 Read More

The artichoke is an edible flower bud from the Mediterranean. It’s been consumed for its medicinal qualities and health benefits since ancient times. They may not have known why it was good for them, but thanks to modern science, we Read More

You want to have your crab cakes and eat ‘em too? Now you can! Minus the breadcrumbs, crab cakes are easy, delicious and healthy! Crab offers a lot of protein, several B vitamins a lot of minerals such as phosphorus, Read More

Holidays mean family, friends and, of course, food. That’s where we come in! I’ve prepared some great holiday hor d’oeuvres for the perfect paleo holiday cocktail party menu! Read More

Tomatoes are not only a fruit but also a berry since they’re formed from a single ovary. And the French sometimes refer to the tomato as pomme d’amour, meaning “love apple,” and why wouldn’t they? Ovaries make a great salad! Read More

I love this bison dish with green peppers, onions and a side of zingy mustard. It makes a great main dish to pair with a healthy veggie and something I can whip up in a jiffy. Read More

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