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The near infrared LEDs are the most advanced, cutting-edge tools to detox because they emit more concentrated near infrared light compared to a normal light bulb. For this reason (and many more!), red light therapy is the tool you need to aid Read More

Ora Assayag, of Ora’s Amazing Herbals, developed her first herbal salve to treat her own child’s eczema. Today Ora has an entire line of incredible, all natural skincare products that promise to heal and absorb toxins from your skin! Read More

Discover one of my secrets to beautiful skin in today’s podcast with Andy Hnilo. He is the founder of Alitura Naturals, an amazing all natural skin care line that I think produces the highest quality natural products on the market Read More

I get asked what my favorite beauty products are a few times a week. So here it is! Wendy’s Favorite Natural Beauty products revealed! These products are what I use on a daily basis or have tried and think are Read More

Wendy Myers and Cate Beehan discuss toxic beauty. No, we’re not talking about ourselves! We’re talking about toxic beauty products! Many don’t realize that chemicals in their personal care products are making them fat and sick. Wendy also recommends many of Why we poo poo most shampoo

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