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Wendy is dedicated to helping you live a long, healthy life. Let's Get Started!


Diet is the foundation of your health. Learn about the healthiest diet – The Modern Paleo Diet.


Adopt healthy lifestyle habits for longevity: destress, sleep, fitness, meditation and natural beauty.


You must have a lifelong detox strategy to live to 110! Learn the most effective detox techniques.


Survive & Thrive to 110 when you eat the right diet, enjoy a healthy lifestyle and detox for life.

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Listen to Wendy on the Bulletproof Radio Podcast with Dave Asprey

I was thrilled that Dave Asprey asked me to be on Bulletproof Radio. Dave was interested in talking about my Mineral Power program using hair mineral analysis because many of the Bulletproof staff are on my Mineral Power program!


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#104 The Low Carb Guide to Health and Beauty with Franziska Spritzler

Franziska Spritzler helps me to continue our Diabetes trend on the podcast this month. She talks to me about how to reverse and prevent diabetes. The Secret? A Low Carb Diet! More

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Perfect Lamb Chops

This recipe teaches you how to make perfect lamb chops. Lamb is one of the healthiest red meats and is very rich in immune-boosting selenium. It it’s even more perfect with rosemary a side of classic mint chutney. More

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